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1 week ago

One year ago... still deep thinkin' dollcake wearin' & pigtail rockin' 😎 #tbt

1 week ago

My Mamarazzi packed my fancy baskets "so well" during our horrendous move that "they haven't quite surfaced yet" 🙄... but {as always} Tar-jay 🎯 and Etsy 🎨saved the day. 🙌🏼 #Easter #etsy #bakerblossoms #charlottechicco

2 weeks ago

I loved my 🎀 Hello Kitty 🎀look so much that I cried when I had to wash it off before bed. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and remembered that it was gone and I sobbed even more. My Mommy described it as "a complete emotional breakdown", whatever that means. 💗 #toddlerproblems #hellokitty #facepainting by @bellafacefx

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