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@jbyrdak  lots of picture taking and even some 🎥 making and blogging in between......❤ the byrdak five blog

14 hours ago

Just monkeying around 🐵🙉🙊

2 weeks ago

Such a sweet moment my little sister posted today, had to share...and loved capturing this photo for them! #repost @lauranovak81 . . . Here we are standing in our empty condo on the last day that it is ours, taking all of our memories with us. We bought it just before our wedding, and I moved in right before our big day. The very weekend we got home from our honeymoon, Rob was scrambling to move in. He then spent the next spring building the deck of our dreams. It turned out exactly how we wished, and we spent every minute out there possible for 3 years. It was a thrill to see Michael love the deck as much as we did, spending countless hours on the baby swing hanging from the golf simulator. I was pregnant twice in this condo. I became a mother and my husband became a father within these walls. I watched my first baby roll over, crawl, walk, and say his first words within these walls. This is where I told my first baby that he would be a big brother. The last night we slept and lived here was the night before Juliet was born. We brought her home here for a few hours on the way from the hospital before heading to our new home. All of these memories are so dear to me. The happiest moments in my whole life have been here. 🏡

2 weeks ago

Slowly getting back into the swing of things....but the boys birthday celebration is not over, they get to bring treats to school this Thursday {just need to figure out what to bring} . . . #familyfun #twinboys #birthdaysurprise

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