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5 days ago

A post dedicated to Grandma Elsie😘 - "cherish each moment, live life to the fullest. " 🤗😄💕 . . . "Live life to the fullest" or "live as if there is no tomorrow", I use to think these two sayings were quite cheesy. I guess the concept was far from my ability to grasp. But Grandma Elsie - you are the pure example of living life to the fullest. You showed me through your actions that it is something to strive for. I will always look up to you, and be inspired by you! . Thank you for your wisdom, strength, positivity, acceptance, and most of all your unconditional love. You welcomed me with open arms, and I always felt like a part of your family. The first time I came to visit Kauai, you picked fruits off the trees for Kaikea and I - at 89 years old!! cause apparently we were not strong enough to do that. Haha! Jk!! But of course you were the expert! And spoil us by cooking up a storm of 10 dishes in your kitchen 😍😋 Your food was always so delicious!! And don't forget the desserts, they were the best!! And the time you brought out your photo albums to share, all of which contained amazing stories behind them - pig hunting, travels, newspaper articles of your grandchildren's achievements, pics from the 1st generation of your family in Hawaii, and more. We would all laugh, talk story, and joke around and have such an enjoyable time😋 . You will always be the beastly grandma we all know and admire☺️ You never asked for anything from us, you were always so happy and content just by seeing us. Kaikea once said - we don't need to talk much, we understand each other and that's enough. Your unconditional love is beyond what I can put into words. I am so lucky to have known such a beautiful woman. Thank you for leaving such fond memories and stories for all of us, and as we hope to do - continue your legacy and celebrate your time here. Most of all, thank you for your blessings, and raising such a loving, caring, sweet grandson whom I am so lucky to have in my life 👫 You will always be in our hearts Grandma Elsie, and your family loves you dearly 💕 (3/13/1923 - 2/24/2017, 93 years old) #love #peace #mornings #happymemories #life #newbeginnings #hope #family

1 week ago

If you're crazy for stairs, do this!! 😂😅😋 . . . First time I did this hike, @ampley took me and I crawled past the bridge in the middle section remember ? 😅 was able to run this 2x in a row over time....back then😂 with @hapafied and left with a battle scar haha! nice to hike /run it again, brings back great memories, it's been a few years since I last done this.🙊 still see guys hiking it with weights, high altitude masks, and running it for training. Definitely a motivation ! 🤗 and the view is always worth it!! There's also a few trails on the back side of koko head that can be hiked to get to the top or down if stairs are too hard on the knees. Recommend people to go early morning or evening, the middle of the day gets blazing HOT and bring water! 😛 #run #hike #brooks #brooksrunning #training #kokohead #hawaii

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