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2 days ago

Celebrating finish lines on the Chinatown 5k&10k!!😄 w/ @yummycookiesss @hapafied . . . running is incredible, but often times it's not just about running or the time, but the community of amazing people coming together doing this one thing. the support, smiles, and laughter, the determination, inspiration, and motivation from everyone. just love being immersed in all that. It's been a loving transition for my body and mind, I'm being patient and giving it as much love as I can:) I'm sure with time, every part of myself would be injury-free, strong, and healthy as can be!:):) Just gotta focus on what I can do, and keep on going^.^ #run #running #ymca #chinatownrun #sf #yay

1 week ago

Trust the process, embrace the unknown.☺ . . . Running along the beach is always the best on sunny days! Did my hard run by the beach, and going to take it easy this week.🤗 Just embracing everything at the moment. Wrist is able to bend while carrying some more weight now yayyy, but the struggle is real, only able to hold this position for 10-20sec, and do 3 really sad looking mini push ups😅 looking forward to when I can finally hold myself up! 🤗 Happy Monday and hope everyone has a great week ahead!! #yoga #yogainspiration #run #strengthtraining #patience #progress #pushups #injurynogood #healfasterplease #stronger #grateful #yay

2 weeks ago

Good Morning World!! 😊 . . . Opening up the hips and getting ready for this week's runs. going to be running the 10k course later today, as an easy pre-run before the race 2 weeks from now:) hoping to get a better time than the last "15k" ( 10k hot chocolate run) I did 😜 (ambitiously, my brain says to finish under 45mins....but we shall see... 😅) but gonna have FUNNN!! Hope everyone has a good monday!😊 #yoga #yogainspiration #training #mornings #run #happymonday #messyhairdontcare

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