Stephanie Alyssa 💞

@itsstephaly  ||Self-proclaimed fashionista Dreamer || Foodie|| F a s h i o n ▪ A r t ▪ B e a u t y 🚩 Currently working on getting that bbg

1 day ago

I'm so tired and lazy to do anything. But then school work gets in the way 😭

2 days ago

Been very inactive lately... haven't had the time to take any pics 😭 anyways, does anyone watch Hwarang?? Because I swear the whole show is getting on my nerves

1 month ago

I try not to eat that much sweets cause I always get either pharyngitis or tonsillitis 😤 but hey a little bit of sweets won't hurt anybody 😉 What's your fave candy/sweet/chocolate? #lindtlove

1 month ago

I swear shopping should be considered a workout... Carrying shopping bags itself can be so tiring 😤 my poor arms were aching the next day

3 months ago

It's probably late but happy birthday @bellabelleyl 💕 Thanks for always being the smiley one in the group while everyone else is stressing out or pissed at something. I can always count on you to be the positive vibe 😉