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21 hours ago

"Hide your bag of food" 😂😂 @houseoflechon has such amazing food, ambiance, and of course, lechon 🐷Definitely a must-try kind of restaurant #lifebystephaly

2 days ago

My sister is like my anchor. She keeps me "normal" 😂 Everyone says she's an angel then start wondering why I'm the way I am HAHAHA #lifebystephaly

5 days ago

When you can't decide which pair of shoes to buy so you send your friends a photo to help you decide 😂 Who else does this?

1 week ago

Happy Easter everyone!! To be honest, I normally wouldn't wear this kind of outfit but oh well... trying out a different style for a change {inspired by @vernenciso & @verniecenciso}

1 month ago

I like black jeans... They just somehow (in my opinion) make my legs seem smaller 😂 What's your favorite kind of jeans? ||On a side note, did you guys join my giveaway? Go check it out :) || 💕💕

1 month ago

That moment when you go online shopping only to realize that you've got no money to spend 😫 Window shopping or online shopping is never healthy for a girl like me... it just makes me sad to know I can't buy those things 😤 {📷: @taanyamarie}

1 month ago

When you don't have enough money so you stay outside expensive stores and take pics 😂😂

1 month ago

I envy those people who take really good photos like flawlessly. Like I try, but it's a struggle. 😫{📸: @nicoleongoh}

5 months ago

It's probably late but happy birthday @bellabelleyl 💕 Thanks for always being the smiley one in the group while everyone else is stressing out or pissed at something. I can always count on you to be the positive vibe 😉