Stephanie Alyssa

@itsstephaly  ||Self-proclaimed fashionista Dreamer || Foodie|| F a s h i o n ▪ A r t ▪L i f e s t y l e 🚩 Currently working on getting that bbg

15 hours ago

I love these @colourpopcosmetics Liquid Satin in the shades Echo Park (top) and Magic Wand (below) #colourpopme ||On a side note, have you joined my giveaway? || Anyways, what's your favorite makeup product? I love liquid lipsticks 💕💕

6 days ago

I like black jeans... They just somehow (in my opinion) make my legs seem smaller 😂 What's your favorite kind of jeans? ||On a side note, did you guys join my giveaway? Go check it out :) || 💕💕

1 week ago

|| INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY || We're giving out a Kylie lipkit, a Koko Collection by Kylie Cosmetics, and an iPhone 7+ to one lucky winner! Just follow the rules to join the giveaway: 1.) Follow @itsstephaly + @thehubcebu 2.) Regram this photo and tag @itsstephaly + @thehubcebu ON THE PHOTO AND NOT THE CAPTION 3.) Tag 3 or more friends in the comments section 4.) That's it!! Winner will be announced on April 1. Good luck lovelies💕

2 weeks ago

That moment when you go online shopping only to realize that you've got no money to spend 😫 Window shopping or online shopping is never healthy for a girl like me... it just makes me sad to know I can't buy those things 😤 {📷: @taanyamarie}

3 weeks ago

When you don't have enough money so you stay outside expensive stores and take pics 😂😂

3 weeks ago

I envy those people who take really good photos like flawlessly. Like I try, but it's a struggle. 😫{📸: @nicoleongoh}

4 weeks ago

Satisfied yet tired. My breakfast usually consists of oats, eggs, and milk, nothing like this. What's your breakfast usually composed of?

1 month ago

Been so in love with these shades. Got them for Christmas in the shades Alyssa, Midi, Autocorrect, Magic Wand, and Echo Park #colourpopme 💋

1 month ago

I'm so tired and lazy to do anything. But then school work gets in the way 😭

1 month ago

Been very inactive lately... haven't had the time to take any pics 😭 anyways, does anyone watch Hwarang?? Because I swear the whole show is getting on my nerves

2 months ago

I try not to eat that much sweets cause I always get either pharyngitis or tonsillitis 😤 but hey a little bit of sweets won't hurt anybody 😉 What's your fave candy/sweet/chocolate? #lindtlove

3 months ago

I swear shopping should be considered a workout... Carrying shopping bags itself can be so tiring 😤 my poor arms were aching the next day

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