@immegbtw_  📍Canada 👻→meggie6969 ❥03/12/17

1 day ago


4 days ago

Missing this place already 😭🌴

1 week ago

I climbed a mountain and I was pretty proud of myself 💪🏼

2 weeks ago

Baby meg! ---- I leave for Hawaii in 2 days omg I'm so nervous and stressed but also excited. Can't wait to get my tan on 😉

2 weeks ago

How to be organized 101

2 weeks ago

♕17.6K ilysm♕

3 weeks ago

So I've been getting A LOT of dm's about why I have my commenting turned off, so I thought I would explain - - So basically, I've been getting tons of hate on my past pictures, and as you know (if you follow me), I am all about body positivity, and equality. I was just done with everyone's bs, so I decided I would just turn off my commenting until I feel comfortable. If you have a problem, just block me or don't follow. It's that simple. All I ask for the people who DO follow me, is to spread positivity, and love🌹❤️ xo { #bodypositivity #bopo #curvy #love }

3 weeks ago

♕I leave for Hawaii in 10 days wut??♕🌺 Photo creds: @envyxo

4 weeks ago

Wow meg nice shoulder

1 month ago

Thinking of starting a YouTube channel!! 🌹🌹

1 month ago

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone 🌹❤️ ------- PC: @envyxo

1 month ago

//My puppy is cuter than yours//

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