@immegbtw_  17|canada 👻→meggie6969 Use code "meg10" @soaestheticshop and @goodgalsrevolt

1 day ago

Wow meg nice shoulder

5 days ago

Thinking of starting a YouTube channel!! 🌹🌹

1 week ago

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone 🌹❤️ ------- PC: @envyxo

2 weeks ago

//My puppy is cuter than yours//

3 weeks ago

Fancy// Everyone should add me on Snapchat: meggie6969

3 weeks ago

Bopo// This is me. My body. Unedited. No filters. It's okay to have stretch marks, rolls, thighs that touch, big flabby arms and saggy boobs. It's what makes us human. Don't be scared to show off what God gave you! Own it. You're perfect, and sexy in your own unique way! Stop looking at those models in magazines and wishing you looked like them because guess what, those images are photoshopped to the max and aren't even real. Be yourself. That's all that matters, and flaunt your body! #bodypositive #curvy #whilemina

3 weeks ago

Why is it so hard for people to get it through their minds that just because someone is bigger than the average person, doesn't mean they are "obese" or "overweight". I can walk 5 miles in freezing Canadian weather. I crave pizza, and Chinese food just like everyone else. But I also like healthy foods and balance. And that's what everybody needs in there life; balance. It's okay to eat unhealthy foods and then eating healthy the next day. It's totally normal. But don't message me or comment on my pictures telling me I'm fat when you don't know what I eat, or how much exercise I do. Spread love and positivity. Not hate. #bodypositive

3 weeks ago

••My feed is casually just going to turn into Leo•• “You’re growing up. And rain sort of remains on the branches of a tree that will someday rule the Earth. And it’s good that there is rain. It clears the month of your sorry rainbow expressions, and it clears the streets of the silent armies… so we can dance.” -The Basketball Diaries (1995)

4 weeks ago

Thank you so much for changing my views on life. You are such an inspiration to me, and you're a beautiful human. You're so genuine, and pure. And for you to pursue both careers that you have been dreaming of since you were little, amazes me. You certainly can do anything you put your mind to. Thank you for trying to make this world a better place. I love you so much, Leo. Forever in my heart ❤️ @leonardodicaprio

1 month ago

Sorry for 2 selfies in a row lol But check out @rebelbasedfashion and give her lots of attention and love! she is so amazing, and talented! I'm in love with this customized shirt, and I'm so happy to have collaborated with her! Glasses- @glassesusa #glassesusa

1 month ago

•No makeup mood• Loving these glasses from @glassesusa they are such high quality, and the team was so helpful and caring! I hope to collaborate again in the future! #glassesusa 👓👓

1 month ago

🌨Snow days and doodles🌨

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