@immegbtw_  Just a model who cries a lot 👻→meggie6969

15 hours ago

Loving my case from @tuppencestore Carolyn is so talented and everyone should check out her shop! 🌼🌻

2 days ago

Brandy Melville might only be for skinny body types, and look more flattering on them; but hell I think I look hot asf 😂🔥

3 days ago

Lush's packaging never fails to please 👏🏼// thanks sel ❤️❤️

6 days ago

18 days until I'm 18 wut that's CRAZY! I've always dreamt about getting my first tattoo and getting lotto tickets and it's coming so soon omg// - - - Edit: 18.2k of you guys follow me. I love you all so much. I wouldn't be here without all of you. It makes me so happy when I open all of your sweet messages. Tysm for staying by my side xx

1 week ago

I need a fjallraven in my life frfr

1 week ago

I just want a guy who doesn't play games and knows how to treat a girl. Sick of these long distance relationships, I need the real thing. I need to be able to touch and see him in real life. But that's almost impossible in this society now a days because all guys want is sex 🙄

1 week ago

Guys are stupid and a waste of time.

1 week ago

"We're so disconnected"- 5SOS

2 weeks ago

Mom jeans are my life.

2 weeks ago

'If tomorrow you won't be mine Won't you give it to me one last time? Oh, baby, let me love you goodbye'- 1D let me love you goodbye

2 weeks ago

'Just stop your crying It's the sign of the times. We gotta get away from here, We gotta get away from here'- Hazza, The Sign Of The Times

3 weeks ago

Museums r my happy place

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