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4 hours ago

just because I don't live in Paris doesn't mean I can't dress like I do

8 hours ago


1 day ago

Finally, a NEW BLOG POST: "Why We Care About Boys Who Don't Care." The answer? Science. ➡️ link in my bio! An excerpt: "A friend of mine compared a "fuckboy" to a late night, McDonald’s drive-thru endeavor: you know it's bad for you, but you dive head-first into it anyway. It feels absolutely delicious and satisfying in the moment, but has the polar opposite affect on you the next morning. You roll over in bed, look at what you settled for in a moment of impulse and feel disgusting. No matter if its a takeout bag pooling with fryer grease or the silhouette of a boy, the feeling in the pit of your stomach is much the same."

2 days ago

Saturdays are for the... loafers. • PS: moving to New York City for the summer in about a week, if you or someone you know is a NYC-based photographer, comment below or shoot me an email at hellokatyxo.promo@gmail.com. Let's collaborate 🥂

1 week ago

2017 needs to get pulled over and given a speeding ticket. it is both terrifying and RUDE that my junior year of college is over 💔 next stop for the summer: Manhattan.

1 week ago

I just uploaded a tour of my junior year college room!! link in my bio, ~check it out!~

1 week ago

buy the damn flowers for yourself • alternate caption: dear future husband, take note: flowers are most definitely the way to my heart.

1 week ago

not your baby

1 week ago

My springtime essential? @Jergensus Natural Glow Instant Sun mousse. #ad My left leg in this photo is with the product, my right leg is without! • Check out my latest video (link in bio) and see how this is so perfect for busy girls like myself who don't have time to lay out in the sun, but still want a healthy glow. Not to mention, it's an easy way to stay away from those dangerous UV rays ☀☀☀️ #createyourownsunshine

2 weeks ago

• some painterly motivation for this monday morning •

2 weeks ago

baby's all grown up!

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