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4 hours ago

It is a shame I am not allowed to share more pictures. This place is amazing and once in a life experience. #nasa #kennedyspacecenter #usa I will snapchat what I can tomorrow follow gumballteam57

2 days ago

Tomorrow I fly to Orlando then onto Kennedy Space Centre for some training and a flight. Hoping the weather will be good as that will determine the height we achieve. Like in this picture I will post on Snapchat and live on Periscope follow gumballteam57 #gumballteam57 #bavlightyear

5 days ago

I can not believe my luck I have been accepted to train next week at the Kennedy Space Centre with NASA in Orlando and then go up with Starfighters Aerospace. This once in a lifetime experience will be amazing along with the G Force. #bavlightyear . Obviously will be on snapchat like crazy- add Gumballteam57

6 days ago

Had some amazing news today. It involves a runway, a very fast plane and going to Orlando. Can not wait to share it. #gumballteam57

1 week ago

Always smiling is my bro Dhilski what he didn't realise what we have three nights ahead of us and a lot of drinking... 😂👍🏽 #gumball3000 #gumballteam57

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