Started 8/1/16

@forsavv_formichelle  I am a fanpage. Savv liked 0 Michelle 3 times Ava 0 Ever 0 Gina 5 txnamy 5 savy 5 Gigi 0 foreverandforava 1

12 hours ago

I'm so happy @anyainger talked in my group thank so much Anya 😘

23 hours ago

Everyone go follow @anyainger she answered my dm you made my day Anya I'm really so happy 😘😘

1 day ago

Michelle liked my picture and I didn't tag her thanks so much Michelle love you @mfoley1984

2 days ago

Hi I just wanted to say I love Savv Cole ever all there family the foley's so much I don't know how to explain how I love them so much😘 There's so many great things happening in 2017 like Michelle's pregnant Savv and Cole got engaged so did Chantelle and coultrem I'm so happy for all of them I can't wait for everything thank you guys for all the love I come on this fanpage we are all nice kind to each other but sometimes there's drama but we stop it we all need to know we're not just a fandom were family were not just friends were all besties I hope all of us just stop the drama I hope we get rid of the past and just remember the great memories I love you guys all so much I trust all of you guys 😘😘 plz tag them @savv_soutas @thesupercole @everleighroseofficial @foreverandforava @chantellepaige @mfoley1984 @avamaireofficial and I hope all of us never feel left out were a fandom we all are always here for everyone 😘😘

2 days ago

I'm so happy because @savv_soutas and @thesupercole are getting married I'm so happy for them Cole had asked ever if she could marry Savv and ever said yes I'm so happy for them I can't wait love you guys to the moon and back Savv and Cole were meant to be there goals 😘😘 plz tag them 😍Congratulations you guys 😍

4 days ago

Everyone go follow @ginasboys2 Gina she's Ava's aunt lets get her to 900 followers.Gina is the best plz everyone go follow her.😘😘

5 days ago

Should I make a fanpage for Chantelle comment down below if you want me to.if I get 10 votes I will @chantellepaige

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