THE BESTIES... Ever👧🏼 & Ava👧🏽

@foreverandforava  MODELS/DANCERS/BESTIES! Ran by Moms @Savv_Soutas & @MFoley1984 & Ever's GiGi @deborah1432 SHOP: @TheWildThreads📧 YouTube👇🏼

16 hours ago

Oh, hey Saturday 👋🏼We came to Slay 💪🏼💪🏼 Leotards: @dailythreads_ P.s NEW YouTube video will be up tomorrow on our channel (click the link in our bio to subscribe)

4 days ago

Happy V-day from your favorite besties! 😘😘 Love you guys like xoxo!! Our dresses: @bellethreads P.S. we have a special code for you to use over at our favorite shop...... USE CODE "EVERAVA" for 10% off your ENTIRE purchase over @bellethreads @bellethreads @bellethreads 😍

1 week ago

Hi! This is @deborah1432 (GiGi). I'm Everleigh's G'ma (Savannah & Chantelle's mom)! Just wanted to thank you all for the support you show my family and my re-sale shop @thewildthreads (buy Ever and Ava's gently worn clothes there). We are blessed by your support! ❤❤

2 weeks ago

Happy birthday Titi!!! @chantellepaige 😍We love you so so much and wish you many many more!!! Love your girls forEverandForAva 😘 Don't forget to wish our Titi a happy birthday!!

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