Started 1/9/17

@forava_formichelle  Supporter of the foley's Gina 0 Michelle 1 Ava 1 Ryan 0. Gina follows foreverandforava 2 times Ever Ava followed❤

4 hours ago

My queen 😍Love you Ava Marie foley 💛

16 hours ago

Credits to @foley.soutas .magic I'm sorry it's really hard to post sometimes 💛Happy birthday Ryan your an amazing dad to Ava and your gonna be an amazing dad to @jaydenryanfoley soon have a great day hope you had a blast today💛

4 days ago

I love her I'm so happy for baby Jayden 💛💛

1 week ago

No edit needed Michelle and Ava look so beautiful 💛💛sorry for being inactive

2 weeks ago

Sorry if not tagging I was trying to think of all the usernames❤

2 weeks ago

I'm so happy that they followed me they made my day thank you so much❤I'm also really happy because briley and Ava both liked my photo💞

3 weeks ago

Yes keep calm❤

4 weeks ago

Hope you guys like the edit❤

4 weeks ago

Enjoy😘Ava is my queen my idol she's amazing she's my everything❤

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