@ever_savv_ava_michielle  •📷part time models•📷. •blonde hair and brown hair Are Perfect together• •👑.my queens👑• •🛍shopping🛍• •👗modeling•👗. •🙏god•🙏

2 days ago

When you Find out your moms having a baby and you wont be the cute one any more😭😖. @avamarieofficial @mfoley1984 Who am I kidding? She will always be the cute one😇😇😇😇

2 days ago

It's such a beautiful pig!🐷 I want it for myself😠 @chantellepaige 💞💞💞💞. I love black pigs.😆

3 days ago

6 month's with these two!😊 They are Beautiful together arent they?😘😍 @thesupercole @savv_soutas This would make a beautiful family 😍😍😍

3 days ago

Shoutout to one my my great friends @rachel.foreverleigh.soutas !!❤❤❤. Please go follow her and like her posts. Credit for this pic also goes to @rachel.foreverleigh.soutas ☺. Comment D when done! Only comment D if u have....Liked at least 12 of her pictures and followed her! Ill be checking! Suprise is that you will get a shoutout next! And I'll like a lot of your posts💕💕💕.

3 days ago

I ❤ this one. Shes the best and I love her so much💕. She's so nice,kind,true hearted,pretty,beautiful,the best,bae, and trustworthy Ava I just want to say you inspire me SO much!😘😍. Kill em with kindness babe!☺👌💗 @avamarieofficial @foreverandforava @avamarieofficial

4 days ago

Hard choice, but imma go with everleigh.☺ There so cute😍😍😍😍

5 days ago

When you Find out christmas is over, but your birthdays in January 😂😂😂. @foreverandforava

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