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🍍🌿☕🍌🐐 all thrifted or gifted

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I've had the morning to myself and I have to admit it's been quite nice... Extra coffee and blasting my tunes on the turntable (what, you've never played Joni Mitchell at ear piercing volume?!?!). A little Spring fever going on and that's perfectly fine, weatherman is predicting mid 70's so that means boat rides and dock hangs this afternoon, aaaannnndddd, technically today is Saturday since the little has tomorrow off of school!!! What?!? 🙌💃💛✨ Best part, there's going to be a little surprise giveaway starting tomorrow and while listening to Joni at deafening volumes, I've been styling these beautiful oversized wooden prayer beads from @sugarbooandco around the house, trying to snap the perfect picture to kick off tomorrow's giveaway of th... 🙊🙊🙊 Whoops! Almost spoiled tomorrow's surprise 🙈😜 Happy Sunday!!! ✨

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"And if the music is good you dance". When I saw this sign from @eastplum I knew I had to have it. Not for the obvious reasons which is, it's just friggin awesome and duh, you dance. But because if made me immediately think of our little man Finnegan. Once upon a time not so long ago he didn't speak. In fact he didn't speak any words until he was three. No Mama, no Dada, no Goggie (which is obviously baby for dog). No words at all. Just hums and gestures. His autism didn't let his little mind develop that skill at the regular pace. With early intervention, hours upon hours of work and therapy we are happy to report Finn now talks non stop, NON stop lol, but there was a time we wondered if we'd ever hear his sweet voice. But even back then, on the darkest days, we still had music. Music is and has always been a key for Finn. He loves it. It calms him, excites him, and of course, when it's good, makes him dance. I always knew we would "unlock" him someday, unlock the vibrant little man I knew was bursting to get out and meet us and talk to us and play with friends. I knew because of who he was every time he'd hear music. He showed joy and emotion and a connection to the outside world with music. He'd clap and wiggle and hold my face and look in my eyes when I sang. It's hard to remember the dark days, when sometimes I'd have my son and sometimes he'd be "gone", just a shell of himself, because they were so scary. But the memories of those days that involve music are always good ones. And now, even though the dark days are behind us and he is always here and never "gone". We still rock out to music... every single day. It's Finn's favorite thing. And when the music is good, we dance. • Shop link for @eastplum in bio! Check Sarah out now, and give her a follow! *serape by @fitofvintage*

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All you have to do is try. • I have to admit. I was scared (s-word)less when @home365xyz ask me to make a video for their #SundaySelection . I have never touched a video editing program but I was able to whip up this little number for them. • I want to thank anyone that is taking the time to comment or like on one of my photos into all of you that find me interesting enough to follow on Instagram. • Special thanks to the @Home365xyz community I truly appreciate all of your support. #remarkablewoodworks

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Loving this moody master bath at the lipscomb project. Custom mirrors, Carrara Marble, quartz counters, and a black vanity! 👌

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Makers of handcrafted jewelry bring personalized flair to their 1,350-square-foot Louisiana home and studio. Tour the home through the link in our bio. #myhouzz #houzz

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@iren_whitedream: "Больше всего времени мы проводим на кухне. Пока мама готовит, малыши помогают резать салат на своей детской кухоньке. Здесь за столом рождаются новые идеи, обсуждаются планы на будущее, отсюда разносится аромат кофе и пирогов на весь дом, наполняя особым уютом. Кухонный гарнитур из Икеа, возможно, кто-то скажет, что это не очень уникально, но нам нравится качество и то, что не пришлось долго ждать))" #myhouzz #houzz #houzzrussia

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Saturday morning bath line up round one... 🌿🛁🚿✨ Have to start early to make sure everyone gets watered. It's a jungle in here 🙈 Loving my new airplant additions from @rainforestflora too!!! 🌱 It's so cool to have plants from the actual greenhouse of the man who wrote the book on Tillandsia's that the little and I pour through every time we are at our favorite local plant store ☺️ Can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit so I can order in a few Staghorn Ferns for our walls from @rainforestflora too... Watering day will really get crazy then 😉🌿 Happy Saturday!!! ✌️

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