1 day ago

It's time for another GIVE AWAY again!! 😱😍😍 This time I will randomly announce SIX lucky winners of these booty builder bands. You will get light, medium and hard in one package 😏 The rules are simple: 1. Follow me @deniceemoberg 2. Tag 5 friends below in the comments And you're in! The winners will be announced on Thursday and I double check the rules before. Don't cheat 😘🍑

3 days ago

My 5 minute dinner I did while I was fixing the bed, I will eat my carbs tonight instead 😏🙈 I wish you all a nice weekend! 😘 Blog @deniceemoberg

5 days ago

Oh boy, 3 reps pulses are the worst 🙄And this time I put the bar on my chest instead of the shoulders to challenge my core strength. It FELT. I promise you 😂🔥 NEW blogpost " Videos with wrong technique vs. correct technique for the back muscles " Translation button is available @deniceemoberg 👈🏼

6 days ago

Here's a super nice exercise to finish your workout with. You're training booty, core and shoulders at the same time. I was surprised how tired I felt in my abs after the 4 sets I did 😳Blog @deniceemoberg The resistance band is from @bootybuilder.no

1 week ago

I don't count macros or calories, find out why and how I stay lean on my blog @deniceemoberg 😇 And I'm REALLY sorry for the bad update, I'm moving for the moment and just want do be done with my apartment so I can start my new everyday routines as fast as possible and keep you updated with new exercises and recipes 💞

5 days ago

My standard meal when I eating on Max, Caesar salad plus a chicken burger with quark dressing 🙈New blogpost about the move to Stockholm and why I haven't been active on social media these days. Direct link @deniceemoberg 🍔

1 week ago

Have you tried T-bar rows with reverse grip? It felt like doing bent over rows but with a different angle for your arms and hands. I definitely liked it 😍Today was my last gym session before I leave my hometown, it feels weird 🙈

1 week ago

I'm still a little bit sore in my lower abs after this horrible exercise 🙈Sorry for bad update, I'm in the hospital for the moment, we have been shopping new furnitures all day and right before dinner my mum fell on the ice.. and now she can't walk 😅

4 weeks ago

Hah, I'm always doing like this with my fingers when I'm "lost" and thinking. I forgot what I was going to do for a sec 😂 My whole shoulder session + tips and videos is up on the blog. Sometimes I only train one muscle group, why? 👉🏼 @deniceemoberg 🐷

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