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1 week ago

Trust your intuition. You don't need to explain or justify your feelings to anyone, just trust your inner guidance. It knows best.

1 week ago

Be patient with yourself. Nothing in nature blooms all year. 🌿🌺 #bloom #bali

1 week ago

I'm doing the 21 Day Yoga Challenge, which means you attend one class each day for 21 days in a row. I really wanted to do this for a long time and I am finally doing it! Why? 1. Because I want to keep doing these handstands and poses all over the world 😉 2. (Everybody knows) I like challenges and I like to try and experience new things 3. I already love yoga and I was curious to find out what every day yoga and pilates would do for me. I'm halfway through the challenge now (11/21) and I have already noticed changes and benefits, but I will save them for a post afterwards. Little side note for the misunderstandings: I'm taking hot yoga and pilates classes, which are good and heavy workouts and it's definitely not chilling and relaxing as some people somehow think...💁🏼Am I really going every day? Yes. I made a promise to myself. The 9th of June another 21 Day Yoga Challenge will start at @absoluteyogaamsterdam which you can attend and sign up for and do it all together! I would say: Just do it! 😌 Maybe I'll do it again...

1 week ago

Live for the little things in life. Live for 5am sunrises and 5pm sunsets where you'll see colors in the sky that don't usually belong. Live for road trips and bike rides with music in your ear and the wind in your hair. Live for days when you're surrounded by your favorite people who make you realise the world is not a cold, harsh place. Live for the little things in life, because they will make you realise that this is what life is about, this is what it means to be alive. 🌴☀️ #live #littlethings #life #bali #travel #vacation #love

3 weeks ago

Collect moments, not things... this is one of my favorite moments ever. Sometimes I dream of this magical spot 💭 I didn't even know this picture with me in the sunbeam was taken, I was enjoying the sight, sea, sunset and the moment... 🔆 #minimalism #travel #sunset #magical #ibiza

1 month ago


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