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4 days ago

10 years ago I met you... 5 years ago I married you... we laugh, we dance, we kiss, we would hold hands every chance we get... it's the little things that truly matter ♥️😘 I love you so much my best friend, my husband 📸@rathadee #kohrong #kohrongisland #cambodia

2 weeks ago

Yes, I may have stolen my hubby's Pajama Tee and yes I might have bought that jacket for him too but it looks better on me so it never made it to his closet lol... ♥️ - No matter how old you get, never stop laughing... never stop flirting... never stop dancing or kissing... don't take ourselves too seriously, doesn't matter who we are how much or little we have, the casket comes in only 1 size 🙏🏼

2 weeks ago

Don't mind my uneven tan... it's mid-week 😢😅 but let's take a moment to appreciate this dress from @mossmanclothing 😌😍 - It's okay to feel down 🙏🏼 if a tree keeps on growing it will eventually become monstrous and destructive 🙏🏼🙌🏼♥️

2 weeks ago

I sprinkled highlighter all over my face 😬✨

3 weeks ago

I am the author of my own book. I am loved because I let love in. I suffer because I allow it to influence my life. The choices are mine and mine alone, anything else is an excuse I made up to keep the drama going... no one can make me suffer if I don't allow it, no one can cause me pain mentally unless they come with shackles and a gun to my head... even then the pain will only be physical. Mistakes I've made and the guilt I'm carrying are a product of my ego/identity... without the past, who will I be? But I am not my past, it was my path but I no longer walk on it. I do not need to carry guilt around... I say sorry, I ask for forgiveness sincerely, and make a HUGE note to myself to never to repeat it again. Guilt, pain, and anger are the same emotions with happiness and excitements... it is influenced by others and others actions, a product of US NOT HAVING PEACE WITH OURSELVES. The constant nagging of wanting to please others so then it will please our own ego from their approvals, or the promises of a better future when what's really important right now is well... RIGHT NOW. tomorrow is another day, if it's not here yet it doesn't matter... tomorrows aren't even guaranteed for some people, what really HERE, is this moment, is you living... breathing... alive and well. Don't live it chasing a future that may or may not exist, I'm not saying we shouldn't plan for a future, we do what we must to survive, but to build a future based on erasing the moment of now is tragic. We can do both, plan our future clinically realistically drama-lessly... and enjoy the little things, smile often... be kind... love more, hate less... ♥️🙏🏼 because I am the author of my own book! 🙏🏼

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