Celia 😊✌🏻

@cecenhan  UT⛰🌾 || [email protected] || 👻Cecenhan 🎥 Check out my haul video😊👇🏻

4 days ago

Whose watching Once upon a time? It's so good!👑❤️

1 week ago

Currently being lazy on my couch and obsessing over everyone's Coachella pictures!😩😕

1 week ago

My hair is no longer this color! Check out my Insta story to see what color I dyed it💜🖤 #chinkeyed ✌🏻

1 week ago

Currently getting my hair done!😆 Guess what color I'll be doing! I don't think it will be too much of a change.... I think haha!

1 week ago

Being stuck in traffic and having to pee suuucks!😅😣

2 weeks ago

Since everyone is doing it🌼Here is my festival outfit....even though I'm not going to Coachella😢 but I'm going to Lollapalooza in August!✌🏻💙

3 weeks ago

You know when someone's glasses are faux when there is a big ass glare haha! 👓😅 ▫️Sorry for not posting for a couple of months😥 I lost motivation and became discouraged. When I first started this fashion account all I wanted was to gain followers and get noticed, but after awhile I realized it's really not just about that. It's about gaining my followers support, respect and making friends even though I might never meet most of you haha, it would be cool if I did though! Honestly I still look at how many followers/friends I gained or lost because we are all only human and we work towards achieving our goals and want people to like and want us. I know I don't deserve some people's support or respect and I am my own advocate, but again I'm only human and it's hard not to think about these things. Thanks to all who stuck around I am so grateful for you all. It sucks I lost a couple hundred but whatever🤚🏻 Everything happens for a reason and I'm glad I am back😘 Leave a 🦄 emoji if you have been my Insta friend for a long ass time haha!

2 months ago

I hope everyone had a great Lunar New Year!❤️😘 playing bingo right now!💸

2 months ago

Kale, spinach, arugula and balsamic vinaigrette are my favorite together.😋🥗 With of course tomatoes and avocado! 🍅🥑

2 months ago

When your hair is the only thing that looks good haha! Hair @lindseybenitez 🖤

3 months ago

I was holding my breath when I took this photo😅 who else does that!😂 I'm also obsessed with this coat from @forever21 #f21xme 💛

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