Celia 😊✌🏻

@cecenhan  UT❄️🏔 || [email protected] || 👻Cecenhan 🎥 Check out my haul video😊👇🏻

1 day ago

I was holding my breath when I took this photo😅 who else does that!😂 I'm also obsessed with this coat from @forever21 #f21xme 💛

2 days ago

It snowed.... again! 🌨🗻 maybe I'll go sledding!🤔😁

5 days ago

Patiently waiting for the weather to go from 20 to 60 degrees so I can wear these shoes!🖤

1 week ago

Happy Sunday!🖤 About to get a full body massage. Who enjoys a nice massage here and there, because I do! 😊💆🏻

2 weeks ago

Happy Monday! That's all I can think of to say as my caption haha! 😅

2 weeks ago

So it's currently 8 degrees right now!😱❄️ But I'm excited tomorrow is Friday!😃

3 weeks ago

This jacket definitely kept me warm in California!🖤 I'm obsessed with it! Heading home tomorrow and I'm sad!😢

3 weeks ago

🐪 day! You wouldn't believe how much I got this coat for!🖤 #f21xme

3 weeks ago

It was definitely a white Christmas on Sunday!❄️☃️ I would have stepped into the snow for this picture, but it would have gone past my boots haha! Hope everyone was able to make some unforgettable memories during the holidays😊

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