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13 hours ago

Day trip. 🚙

1 day ago

Fortune favors the bold when the start of barbecue season coincides with the start of white pants season. Stay clean, friends.

3 days ago

The Superfine Tee is the Italian sports car of t-shirts. If you’re looking for the perfect tee to pair with a suit, this is your guy.

4 days ago

Day 1 in the books at our new Guideshop in Greenwich, CT. 💪 Where to next?

4 days ago

@christopheraron (our San Diego Guideshop manager) apparently has this thing with floors.

5 days ago

Ever heard of The Savile Row fold? This gamechanger keeps your pants from slipping off the hanger. Full how-to video linked in bio for those of you going through a summer closet re-org.

1 week ago

Happiest hour.🍹 Regram @spearson073 feat. The Riviera Short Sleeve.

1 week ago

The spoils of a crack-of-dawn workout: your local bodega’s freshest cup of coffee and crispiest top-of-the-pile newspaper. #BeatTheSnooze

1 week ago

More washes than a laundromat. The Blue Jean never gets old.

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