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Quick easy snacks?! This is favorite here- grapefruit cups + sea salt & lime juice 💚 #freshfixrecipes

1 day ago

Let's talk about something kiiiinda embarrassing. A few months ago I started having major hand cramps from using my cell phone 🙈 in my defense I work on my phone but still I was having some kind of arthritis from holding my phone and I wasn't sure what to do. I tried stylus pens, pop sockets, also tried not using my phone and doing as much as I could on a computer. But here's the thing, I love how quick & easy it is to use my phone to document and post and work so I wanted to find a way to make it work. I emailed @loopycases because it looked exactly like what I needed and I asked them if I could try it! And OH MY GOODNESS ITS LIFE CHANGING. All the weight of the phone sits in the loop, and stopped the aches in my hand, it makes it near impossible to drop, I can multitask and flip my phone to the back of my hand and carry in groceries etc. I did a little "tour" of this case and showed you its features of awesomeness in my stories you should go check out👌🏻 and when I've convinced you this is the last phone case you'll ever buy you can use code FRESHFIX for 10% off📱

1 day ago

HELP a girl out! Monday's are for meal planning right?! I'm looking for a change and want to know HOW you do meals at your house? The whole process from recipe finding, meal planning, grocery list creating-- what works for you?! I'm kind of old school with screen shotting recipes and then jotting the grocery list down on paper kind of girl but I'm itching for a more effective way to get the job done. Are you old school like me or do you have some new fab way you'd share?! - post your ideas below ?! 🙏🏻😘

2 days ago

This is Hannah, her Rancher told me "she's the biggest female we have- she knows her size, and she knows her strength" and I was like - OK we will be fast friends👯THEN Hannah proceeded to try to eat alllllll the grass along the trail instead of walking it and I knew I found my soul sister😂🐴💁🏼I had the rare chance to have some me time this weekend. No kids, no work just me and some close friends escaped to the mountains for a getaway and I found a little missing piece of myself again! I'm fun guys, I think I forget that a lot. Being carefree and off routine for a few days is a fabulous reset to recharge. I know these kind of escapes are tricky to make happen but I hope you can all try to prioritize some time for yourselves too mamas, even if it's just a solo target trip- you deserve it ❤

5 days ago

SO grateful for these front line ladies who support, love and spread so much light in my life ✨Who lifts and inspires you?! Would you like to enjoy a posh pampered fantastic weekend together?! Well LISTEN UP! Ladies who missed out on tickets for our sold out @cometogetherevent YOU AND A FRIEND can win tickets to attend! Not only that - our sponsor @centsofstyle is flying 2 besties out for a weekend at the Grand America to be spoiled with SO MUCH awesomeness (seriously valued over $10k!🎉) head to our @cometogetherevent insta to see the whole loot you can win and submit your entry of the woman who empowers you with the link in our profile over at @cometogetherevent 🎉🎉👯Hope to see you there!! Xoxo

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I took my bridal pictures here 11 years ago and if I could have gotten a sneak peak of today and saw us here wrangling 4 tantruming, fighting & puking kids through fields of tulips in our future, I'd like to think I wouldn't have run for the hills and been up for the challenge?!🤷🏼‍♀️ but who knows really😂 don't they know family time is supposed to be fun?!🌷

1 week ago

🌿SILVERFERN GIVEAWAY🌿 Good morning friends! I have had so much fun partnering with @silverfernbrand this month using their prebiotic drink mixes, probiotics & their delicious gluten free baking mixes too! Silverfern has given me tons of energy and I feel better in general so I wanted to hook one of my friends up here with all this goodness! Winning is SUPER easy! 1. LIKE 👆🏻this photo 2. FOLLOW 👉🏻@silverfernbrand and @ashleysfreshfix 3. TAG 👇🏻a friend below! Each separate comment tagging a friend counts as an entry. Winner will be announced here on this post an 10pm MST Thursday evening, good luck guys! xoxo

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18 months of baby bliss with our Mae bae💕you can see under that pretty dress she has skinned knees cause she's got 3 older brothers she's always trying to keep up with! My dress is from my friends @shopashleylemieux I'm always on the lookout for plus size finds and this spring pink is one of my favs! Not only are they one of the few shops offering cute plus size choices but I also love their message "for women who do!" It's all women in all walks of life, I love the diversity they celebrate💕 #notanad #justlove #freshfixfashion #weeksofmae

1 week ago

"No one needs a vacation more than a mom who just took her kids on vacation" ya feel me?!😂 Justin and I decided to scratch the word 'vacation' and use 'adventure' instead and we all felt that was more accurate. I'm sharing a few pictures of our time in St George last week on the blog. I COULD NOT get over the red rock, it was beautiful ❤ head to the link in my profile for more details at our stay with @theinnatentrada #reevesfamilytravel

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I'm so excited to announce that our first @cometogetherevent is on May 13 and tickets are live NOW! 🎉This is a women's empowerment night with the goal to raise $50K for Utah County's Children's Justice Center! Tickets are super limited and $100! But our generous headline sponsor @centsofstyle is MATCHING your $100 donation! So that's $200 for charity! No one is making a PENNY. You can buy tix through the link @cometogetherevent and learn more there! But here's what the amazing night includes: inspiring speakers and thought-provoking panels, a yummy dinner, drinks, dessert, AND a quick primp by salons so you're ready for your glam headshots taken by professional photographers! And yes, there will be a fab gift bag too! So please COME TOGETHER with us and let's raise a lot of money for a lot of good! Tap the image to see all the amazing companies donating! #thecometogetherevent

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Hey ladies!👋🏻Some of you may have seen that I'm working on a really AWESOME charity event, a women's empowerment night, with a lot of other babes! 👯 It's called @cometogetherevent and tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 9am!!! We've got a VERY limited amount, and 100% of the ticket sales (every last penny) is being donated to the Utah County Children's Justice Center. ❤️ The best part is our headline sponsor @centsofstyle is matching the $100 ticket, so $200 goes to the charity! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 I would LOVE if you head to @cometogetherevent and see ALL the goodness the event will include, and also watch the video we created to help highlight just how much GOOD the Children's Justice Center is doing. I'm so excited to get to help and I hope you are too🎉 And I can't wait to COME TOGETHER with you for this amazing cause. So much love!❤🎉

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This morning I had my kids cuddled up close to me and I shared my testimony of our Savior with them. I'll tell you a little bit of what I told my small children because I know there are beautiful complexities of faith but I believe the most wonderful parts are the simplest. I know that He loves everyone unconditionally. No matter what. I know He lives. Because of Him all heartache can be healed. The times we hurt and feel darkness, He will bring light & love. When we are troubled, broken and low His Peace can lift that all and fill us with light. I put an Easter message from my church in my profile so you can feel the love of #princeofpeace too💕

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