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7 hours ago

I had a chat with a good friend today about talents, I immediately told her I don't have any. I don't sing, I'm not artistic and heaven knows I'm not athletic but then I stopped myself from listing all of the tangible talents I lack- and started instead listing what I'm good at. I'm a good friend. I'm an includer. I'm a good organizer I'm a good ear to bounce ideas off of and I think I'm pretty good at helping others feel good about themselves. Sure there wasn't ever a trophy for that kind of thing growing up but I'm here to tell you some of the best talents I can think of are the kind people have to get to know you to discover. That includes getting to know yourself too. Chances are you'll discover just how talented you really are ❤ #loveyourself || photo by @mckenziedeakins

18 hours ago

I've been drinking @silverfernbrand Wai Probiotic drink mixes for a few months now and wanted to tell you guys why I love them SO MUCH! First of all, they're delicious- I've been drastically cutting down my Diet Coke consumption and I needed a replacement and this has helped curb the cravings. It's high in fiber, a great source of probiotics, no sugar alcohols AND supports metabolic restoration. So if you're trying to add more probiotics to your life this is a great way to do it 💦 #silverfern #sponsored #waidrinkmix

2 days ago

Good Morning!🍓🍞🍳 Here is some Crunchy Cinnamon French Toast to start your day! Ingredients: 2 cups crushed Cinnamon Pebbles Rice Cereal 4 eggs 1/4 c milk 6 pieces of whole wheat bread Toppings:: Maple Syrup Sliced Strawberries Whip Cream Directions: Mix eggs and milk together Dip bread on both sides into egg mixture Dip egged bread into crushed Cinnamon Pebbles Bake on griddle on both sides Top with maple syrup, berries & whip cream. Enjoy! This recipe was made in partnership with new Cinnamon PEBBLES™, a crispy rice cereal with the perfect combination of cinnamony sweetness. It’s the latest way from PEBBLES™ to make your mornings rock. I picked my @pebblescereal up at @walmart. THE FLINTSTONES and all related characters and elements © & ™ Hanna-Barbera. #freshfixrecipes #CerealShakeup #CerealAnytime #ad

3 days ago

✨RC WILLEY GIVEAWAY✨ I recently got this new entertainment center from my fav RC Willey and I can't tell you how nice it's been to have this for organization and just plain fabulousness! I love their selection and you will too! Our couch is also from them and was the first thing we bought when we moved into our home last year. I fell in love! I am so excited to be teaming up with @rcwilley to giveaway $250 giftcard to RC Willey 3 Saranoni Blankets Candle Warmer & Essential Oil Diffuser Winning is SUPER easy! 1. LIKE this pic 👆🏻 2. Follow @rcwilley & @ashleysfreshfix 3. Tag 3 friends below, each separate comment will count as an entry! Winner will be announced here on this post, Wednesday evening at 10pm MST. This giveaway isn't sponsored by Instagram. #ashleysfreshhometour || I'll put the direct link to this entertainment center in my insta stories!

4 days ago

She saw her Easter shoes up high on a shelf this morning and kept jumping for them, so I caved. Her first word was "shoe" and it's the first thing she runs & picks in the morning to wear. The girl knows what she likes, so let's all pray she doesn't inherit her mothers size 12 feet cause unless she takes a liking to men's loafers its slim pickins out there for cute huge shoes 😂🙈 #sasquatchprobs

5 days ago

If you've seen @harvestsnaps around town you've probably wondered how to use them! Truth is they're fabulous to just eat straight out of the bag but they're also so fun to mix into recipes! Here are 4 of my favorite ways to use @harvestsnaps in a SNAP👌🏻 #ashleysrecipevideos #recipevideo || full recipes on the blog 😘

5 days ago

✨Spa Day Giveaway!✨ I took some timeout for myself last week and did a spa day, something I'd never actually done before and I just kept thinking "WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER?!" My why is probably the same as yours. I could always come up with a million excuses of other things I should do with my time, that didn't include relaxation. Here's the thing, if we constantly put everything and everyone else ahead of ourselves - we actually drain ourselves to the point where we can't fully function and do everything that's required of us as well. I know it's hard to find the time & money to do something like this but I'm such an advocate of prioritizing our self care, and have personally seen the benefits of doing so, and how it actually helps me be a better mom, wife, business owner, friend - because we all need a little rejuvenation time right?! . I'm SO EXCITED to spoil someone lucky with a Spa Day of their very own. I did these exact same services last week and left feeling amazing and you should too! The winner will receive . -60 minute massage -hair wash with pressure point head massage and aroma therapy -hair blowout -meal and smoothie at fraiche cafe! All services are provided at Sage Leaf Salon & Spa at Thanksgiving Poing in Utah. . To win:: 1. LIKE this image 👆🏻 2. FOLLOW 👇🏻 @sageleafsalonandspa @fraichebc @ashleysfreshfix 3. TAG your girlfriends that you think deserve this star treatment too✌🏻each separate comment tagging counts as an entry!❤ . Winner will be announced here Monday night at 10pm MST . Good luck!☘️

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I've had lots of questions about how to get your protein increased and I'm all about cooking up & prepping my own proteins but I'm busy just like you and need quick sometimes too! I always recommend @premierprotein bars to get that extra boost🎉 they have zero trans fats & no high fructose corn syrup either - no artificial colors or sweeteners too! Also they have so many good flavors, it's the easiest grab & go protein and with 30 grams of protein- which is fabulous👌🏻 #protein #premierprotein #sponsored

1 week ago

"It's a shame to grow old and never know the strength your body is actually capable of." I read this last week and it hit me in such a good way. It's motivating to know the best is absolutely ahead if we work for it💪🏻 I am SO excited to see exactly how strong I am, what about you? What are your favorite strength building exercises? Share your favs!😘 || also have you seen these @qalo rings?! SUPER comfy, fun to mix & match and safe too! #makeityou #qaloring #partner #fitmom

1 week ago

My boys are all off to school & a clean kitchen left behind - miracles happen guys🙌🏻 || These gorgeous turkish hand towels are part of my @brickyardbuffalo guest editor picks, tons of colors for a fab deal- check them out💙

1 week ago

I taught elementary school for a few years and I am a major advocate for FUN learning opportunities. I always love a game that also teaches, we can kind of trick our kids into learning 😂 My First Bananagrams 🍌has been so fun to have in our home the last few weeks. It teaches early literacy skills and our boys play so well together. I love that our 4,6 & 8 year olds can all join in and learn while they play together. If you zoom in on the pic you can see how they have double letter tiles too for digraphs. We're mega fans over here🙌🏻 #bananagrams @bananagramsinc #partner

1 week ago

About to sit down and watch the new #thisisus episode and I've been so nervous all week about Jack 😩 who's watching?! Luckily I've got some yummy snacks to nervously devour while watching 👌🏻 Mango Avocado Salsa 1 c sliced cherry tomatoes 1 diced mango 1 diced avocado 1/2 c chopped cilantro Juice of lime Mix up and serve with your favorite chips, I'm all about my fav @artisantropic Cassava Strips, they're healthy and a super easy chip replacement. You can order from their instagram and use code FRESHFIX for 15% through the end of the month 🎉 #partner #artisantropic #freshfixrecipes

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