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✨MAJOR @RUGS_USA GIVEAWAY✨ You all know I'm a mega Rugs USA fan, I think we are at 6 rugs from them now?! #cantstopwontstop they are such good quality & hands down the most affordable rugs ever 👌🏻 I'm teaming up with them today to give a lucky friend $200 store credit to pick out your own RUG! TO WIN:: 1. LIKE this post 👆🏻 2. FOLLOW 👉🏻 @rugs_usa & @ashleysfreshfix 3. TAG as many friends as you'd like below👇🏻 Each separate tag comment counts as an entry. Winner will be announced here on the post tomorrow (Sunday) at 10pm MST😘 GOOD LUCK! (The rug pictured is the Jubilee Braided Salt & Pepper 8.6"X11.6")

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I estimate there is about a 70 lb weight difference between 2007 & 2017. Neither is better than the other. I'm busy getting my health back but I'm proud of how far I've come. My after is bigger, but happier. Some might see mistakes, shame. I see confidence. I have more happiness with my body now than I did then. Then I was obsessive with dieting shaming myself anytime I went slightly off track, now I'm well aware I'm trying my best and guilt doesn't hold me hostage. Then I always felt insecure, huge. Now I feel beautiful every day. I've thought about what changed? I have 3 tips that helped me find true happiness with my body. 1. CELEBRATE WHAT YOUR BODY CAN DO. Stop focusing on what it can't. For me, I can't lose weight quick, I can't run fast, I can't fit into a size 2 but my body rocks. It CAN do awesome things. I've grown 4 babies, I've woken up every day and had the strength to care for them. I've played with them, I've loved them. My brain is so good to me! I have a constant stream of ideas that allowed me to start and run multiple businesses and I'm able to work doing something I love. 2. GIVE YOURSELF TIME. I decided a long time ago I had too many blessings to focus on my jean size. I have a family to love, friends to support, businesses to grow and I just couldn't give one more bit of energy to the weight obsession. It didn't deserve my time. I have had to be patient with my body. The ebbs and flows of pregnancy has brought me up & down weight wise but being patient knowing "I can focus on that eventually" even if not now has healed my mindset. 3. POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS. It's an ever revolving affirmation but when I find a good one, I stick to it and repeat it frequently. Write in on my mirror, save it as the screen saver on my phone. Right now I love "Work out because you love your body, not because you hate it", "Your body is on your team, work together not against each other, cheer it on." So when I look back at 2007 Ashley the only thing I think is "I wish I would have been nicer to her" and that's my goal now. Be nice to myself now. I want you to do the same, don't waste time with anything less than loving yourself FIERCELY ❤

3 days ago

Burying myself in an bowl of Black Bean Avocado Salsa after just finishing the latest #thisisus episode😭 Who else is watching?! Anyways I shared this recipe on my Facebook live this week and now it's here for you here too! 4 cups sliced cherry tomatoes 1 diced onion 2 avocados diced 2 cans corn 2 cans black bean 2 tsp salt ( I use @redmondrealsalt always!!) 2 tbsp ranch dressing dry mix Juice of 2 limes Mix & Enjoy! We use as a salsa for dip, on tacos, on salads - it's👌🏻 #freshfixrecipes #partner #salsa

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Probably the last #nursingbabymabel picture ever 💕 it had been 3 days since she nursed, and it's been 2 days since - I think we are soooooo close to the finish line (she decided to run a few extra laps after the year mark) but I gotta say- it's been such a blessing! I've posted this before but I had 3 very unsuccessful nursing experiences and this time the main thing I did different was I didn't restrict my diet, I actually gained 25 pounds after I got home from the hospital. I wouldn't change it for anything. Worth every pound, every stretch mark. The fact that during the busiest year of our lives I HAD to sit and just be with her multiple times a day was so needed for me, and her. I firmly believe fed is best, whether bottle or nursing- bottles saved my sanity and fed my first 3 children wonderfully and nursing did the same thing for me this time too. It's been a long road (16 months!!) but I wouldn't change a thing❤ #GETINTHEPHOTO

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PRESS PLAY📽 I hope everyone had a fab long weekend with the people you love most! When you're heading into a new week tomorrow and needing some pep in your step here are 4 of my go to gourmet toast options that are packed with nutrients, protein & energy! Which ones looks best to you?! #ashleysrecipevideos #freshfixrecipes || full recipe on the blog 😘

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✨G I V E A W A Y✨ Celebrating the month of love by giving you things I KNOW you'll LOVE too 💕 I'm so excited to spoil a lucky mama with two of my favorite baby mama must haves- a gorgeous @fawndesign bag of choice & a custom pair of leather baby @monpetitshoes 🎉 To win:: 1. LIKE this photo 👆🏻 2. FOLLOW @fawndesign @monpetitshoes @ashleysfreshfix 3. TAG your mama besties below who you think would love to enter too👇🏻 (each comment tag counts as a separate entry!) 4. Cross your fingers🤞🏻 Winner will be chosen at random and announced here on this post Monday night at 10pm MST good luck mamas😘

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🌿GREEK YOGURT RANCH DIP🌿 This is a super easy recipe I love to mix up a few times a week, you can use it for dip, sauce, dressing, etc and it tastes just like Ranch, with a healthy twist! INGREDIENTS 3 cups plain greek yogurt. 1 teaspoon dried chives. 2 teaspoon dried parsley. 1/2 teaspoon dried dill weed. 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt. 1/2 teaspoon onion salt. 1/2 teaspoon black pepper. DIRECTIONS Mix together and scoop with veggies! I always use @redmondrealsalt and I was so excited they also make garlic salt & onion salt too! I started using their salt a few years ago because it's all natural unrefined and still packed with minerals, table salt is stripped of any nutrients and tastes like chemicals to me now 😝 so that's why I'm converted now to @redmondrealsalt 💙 #freshfixrecipes #partner #redmondrealsalt #redmondfarms

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Parenting has been kicking me so hard in the face lately guys, 4 kids is like- SO MANY kids (cue all the 5+children mamas eye rolls😂) but I just am struggling with the juggling (rhyme time🎉) Especially as my kids get older and have opinions and agendas of their own I'm trying to find the balance of respecting their wishes while keeping them aligned with what we think is appropriate for them too. We have been struggling with one of my children a little more lately where I feel like we are always getting after him to act better, do better, be better and it gets exhausting😩 Ya feel me? I asked him last week if we could come up with a secret word I could use when he is about to have a meltdown to remind him to stay calm and he suggested "namaste" which was kind of remarkable for a six year old! He just knows it from YouTube Yoga 😂 but 'namaste' means "the good in me, sees the good in you". I don't think he knew that but I suddenly that mantra applied to parenting so well for me! Despite all my shortcomings, and his- at the end of the day aren't we all just trying to make sure the very good parts of us are seen, and capable of seeing more good in others as well? So I'm sending you good vibes, good love❤ and any tips you guys have for navigating headstrong little children I would LOVE your advice || script lettering a la @hellotosha 👌🏻🌸

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Who'd take guac over chocolate?!🤚🏼🥑 Happy Valentines Day lovers! Whether you have your person yet or not I hope you felt love from the universe cheering you on today, and if you don't have anyone (I never had a Valentine once until I met my husband) I feel ya- and I'm always in your corner😘 I'm a firm believer of good things come to those who wait. And in the meantime GUAC ON🤘🏻

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Everybody everybody wants to love, everybody everybody wants to be loved🎶 ❤ Happy Valentines from us to you!

1 week ago

Press Play📽💕 Valentines Chocolate Dipped Oreos for ya!If you're looking for a fun Valentines treat to make with kids, this is one of our favs- it's quick, easy and relatively mess free💕 We made these for Teacher gifts and the kids had a blast. Full recipe on the blog 😘 #ashleysrecipevideos #valentines #oreos #freshfixrecipes

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Saturday's are good for the soul✨ We saw a sliver of sunshine this morning so we packed up our kids and headed downtown SLC for some time at temple square, the church history museum & lunch at our fav @nauvoocafe - they just reopened and the Turkey Bacon Avocado Spinach Wrap sang to my heart! (You can see it in my instastories👆🏻)After a busy week I'm really ready for a relaxing weekend with my fam, what's everyone else up to today?!

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