Annie Pearce

@anniesforgetmeknots  hair. wife. twin mama. 4 littles + baby girl on the way🤰🏼// youtube hair tutorials 📽:Annies Forget Me Knots👇🏻 💌:[email protected]

2 hours ago

Dear Brykie, please stay a mama's boy forever. 🙏🏻

7 hours ago

Dutch braid with a fishtail. I don't have a tutorial on this exact style, so if you would like one comment with a ❤️below.

1 day ago

Each time the wave rolled in Lincoln screamed and laughed as loud as he could. I've never seen his face light up so bright before. Then when it washed away he would say "again again again" and repeat for one hour straight. My day was made. #22weeks

1 day ago

Naps on the beach while baby sister was kicking him like crazy.

2 days ago

☀️ Beach life baby ☀️

2 days ago

Last night at sunset right after we all got soaking wet from a giant wave we didn't see coming. 🌊 #myhappyplace

2 days ago

I want to share a little story about my Kolli... She found a magazine lying on the counter a couple weeks ago full of girly things and was looking through it for hours telling me everything she loved in it. She had saved her very favorite pages to show me the things she wanted most, including this Elsa swimsuit. She begged me to have them and I told her she didn’t really need those things but if she reeeeally wanted to we could make a chore chart together and she could earn them. She immediately grabbed me a pen and paper and started listing off chores she could do to put on her chart. She worked like a boss for weeks and last night she finally completed her chore chart and earned all of her "beautiful princess things", just in time for the beach. She immediately put it all on and kept hugging me telling me I was the best mom ever, even though she totally earned it all on her own. I couldn’t be more proud of this hard working lady. 💕

3 days ago

Logan is an accountant and it's a hard several months for all of us adjusting to not having him around as much. So over the years we've made it a tradition that when tax season is over we take a trip as a family to spend some good quality time together. It's sometimes the only thing that gets me through to the end and today it's finally here!! HALLELUJAH! Take us to the beach now please. 🙌🏻 .. This hair tutorial is linked in my bio. 💙

5 days ago

I feel like no matter how old Bryken gets he will always be my most cuddly, affectionate child. When everyone starts acting crazy and are running around the house screaming he will without a doubt grab his blanket from off his bed, come find me, and ask me to cuddle him for a little bit on the couch. It's totally what he needs when he is feeling overwhelmed, and no matter what storms I am trying to put out with the others, when he does this, it all takes a back seat so I can do just that. Nothing but sit and snuggle him. It's also magic because when the other kids see it they start calming down too. He somehow knows that that's exactly what we all needed. 💚 .. My "6 Easy Messy Buns" tutorial is linked in my bio.

6 days ago

Here is a quick tutorial for this French Lace Braid Updo. 💁🏼🎥

1 week ago

Easter Sunday will forever be one of my favorites. 💕🌸💓

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