Roman Miah

@romanmiah  Automotive Artworks. Leeds, UK 🇬🇧/ 🇧🇩 | مسلم 🎥Youtube: Roman Miah | 📷 Snapchat: romanmiah Artwork available (Worldwide shipping 🌍) ⬇️

19 hours ago

Drawing of the Bugatti Chiron finished! This took me around 13 hours to complete. The original artwork will be up for sale soon and the YouTube video will be uploaded later this week 😊 #Bugatti #Chiron #Winsorandnewton #Promarker

5 months ago

Seen this MONSTER a couple days ago @hrowen Lamborghini in Knightsbridge, London. This is the most exciting car I have ever seen - looks absolutely crazy in person and the closest thing to a spaceship on wheels you'll ever see. The amazing thing is there are only 4 of these coupés in existence so the chances of seeing one ever again are slim! Truly an epic piece of car design. #Lamborghini #Veneno #London #Supercarsoflondon #Carspotting

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