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10 hours ago

One hour after posting something about a son of Manchester, I am watching the news and heartbroken. I think people often think of hell as a place we may possibly go, but it is here, right now, and is absolutely our own making. We need to reset. For each other and all living creatures on this planet. My heart is with you Manchester.

13 hours ago

Wishing you a beautiful existential crisis on what is apparently #worldgothday 🖤

1 day ago

In 1990 I was aiming to grow up and become Sherilyn Fenn and @doramahr was going to marry Kyle McLaughlin 💕 #twinpeaks 🚬

1 day ago

Willy sabotages our Sunday photo opportunity 🐶

6 days ago

Special prosecutor please

1 week ago

For no particular reason 🌸

1 week ago

My mom is a born and raised Brooklyn girl who is the daughter of eight and mother of six. I came along, the youngest, when she was 42, on Christmas Day. She made the local paper when she had me because of her age and the fact that she chose natural childbirth, using the Lamaze method. I suppose both were shocking in 1977. A special education teacher whose greatest memories, aside from raising her six lunatics, are in the classroom with her students. She has always been ahead of her time and I am so grateful to be her daughter. Sidebar- she has one of the the most wickedly subversive, deadpan senses of humor I have ever come across. Both my empathy and humor genes are definitely from this woman. Sorry Dad (@kevin.mcclean ) but we both know this is true. ♥️ Love to all the mom's today and everyday!

1 week ago

Happy Mother's Day ❤

1 week ago

A quick tale to end the week with. I was at my neighborhood tailor with my favorite fading and totally exhausted pair of vintage Levi's 517's, pleading with them to repair them, yet again. I usually walk in with a shameful look on my face and then let that segue into charm and finally I end with passion. Long winded stories about how these are my favorite jeans (they are) and just how grateful I am that they are willing to save them again (I am). So while this whole exchange is happening, In walks a guy, rather abruptly, asking for directions. I have lived in this area of Brooklyn for a hundred years and turned around and very confidently gave him animated and precise directions. Halfway through explaining the ins and outs of getting to his destination, I realized this was Matt Dillon. The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, Flamingo Kid, Drugstore Cowboy, Matt Dillon. I did not flinch. My suggestions remained confident and unwavering. He left and absolutely ignored what I had resolutely told him to do. I thought to myself "bless his heart, he is still going to be lost" ....but I did my best to help and I was proud that I never let on that I knew I was giving fantastic guidance to Matt Dillon. I was riding my Good Samaritan/you know your directions, girl/unfazed by childhood crush, wave. Inside voice whispering "You really helped a lost icon out today." I truly felt wonderful. I realized a few hours later that I unequivocally gave him the wrong directions. You are welcome Matt Dillon. Have a great weekend everyone! ♥️ #mattdillon

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