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@193countries  >> Writer and world traveler. ✈️ >> Author of The $100 Startup and host of #SideHustleSchool. New episode each day! 📚🎙 >> Relaxing stresses me out.🏃🏼

1 day ago

Amsterdam rooftop view. I did 3 events in 2 days on that side of the world, then stayed up way past midnight before getting up early to fly nonstop back to Portland (the west coast one) for a wedding that took place the same afternoon. I'm a little jetlagged but to be clear: not complaining! Every day I feel fortunate for good work and good friends. . . #ontheroad #amsterdam #wanderlust #igersamsterdam #tnw2017 #chrisguillebeau #travelgram #travelislife #instatravel #instagood #viewfrommywindow

1 week ago

For the next 48 hours, all digital versions of The Happiness of Pursuit are on sale for just $1.99. You can get it directly from Amazon,, or your local bookstore if they use the Kobo system. . . Usual disclaimers: publishers and bookstores control book pricing, not authors. This discount is only intended for the U.S. and Canada (since other publishers have their own versions of the book worldwide)—however, if you're outside North America, you *may* still be able to purchase from a retailer over here. It is the internet, after all. . . Oh, and as for the book—it's all about finding and pursuing a quest, whether visiting every country in the world—that was mine—running 250 marathons in a single year, producing the world's largest symphony, living in a tree for 300 days, and even becoming a ninja. You might like it. If not, well, it's just $1.99. 🙂 . . . 📷 // #bookstagram #instabooks #instareads #findthequest #chrisguillebeau #becauseofreading #bookworm #bookphotography #happinessofpursuit #thehappinessofpursuit

1 month ago

In New York, you can be a new man. . . This was from a walk in midtown Manhattan the night before last. I'm now in DFW and soon to be heading out for a very quick trip to Asia. I haven't been posting on IG much, mostly because everything else has been a little frantic - but all's well. I'm on the road for a week and will be posting stories from Korea (🇰🇷) as long as it still exists when I arrive. Hope you are well wherever you are! . . #ontheroad #onmywalk #newyorkcity #igersnyc #nofilter #wanderlust #igtravel #travelgram #beginnings

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