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#Repost @dalbymma with @repostapp. ・・・ What many people don't know is that EVERY single @UFC / @Reebok fight-kit shirt that are given to a fighter/cornerman is hand printed! Every first name, last name and country crest is manually printed out and heat pressed on, one piece of clothing at a time! So on average per fightcard the #UFC equipment team of less than 10 people hand craft 110 shirts. And 110 hoodies... Besides also packing 110 backpacks with Reebok clothes and shoes... Besides all the other things they are responsible for! That's insane! 😳🙈😅


#intoursuccede che finito il firma copie di #frosinone nessuno voleva andare via (io compresa). che accoglienza magnifica, tutti super carini e gentili. ci vediamo domani a roma al mondadori bookstore in via cola di rienzo. :)x